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Our Team

We have some of the world's most prominent scholars in the field, politicians and business elites to serve as academic supervisors and consultants in practice. In the meantime, a group of youthful and academically enthusiastic researchers is employed, forming a research team of structure, passion and devotion as well as a wide-range of research interests.

Our Staff

Imran ALI_edited.jpg

Dr. CHEN Bin

MPhil. YANG Hengyi

Dr. ALI Imran

Founder & President

Secretary General, Chinese Forum of NTS

PhD (IR), Jinan University

Co-Founder & Director

Leading the Critical Security Lab

PhD Researcher, Maastricht University

Chief Research Officer

Leading the NTS Diplomacy Initiative

PhD (NTS Management), Zhejiang University


Msc. MA. CHEN Xiangdong

Researcher in European Security

PhD Candidate (IR), University of Liverpool



Researcher in Renewable Tech Policy

MA (IR), Institut Barcelona d'Esutdis Internacionals

Jiaxuan LIU_edited.jpg

LIU Jiaxuan

Chief of Office

BA (World Literature), Tsinghua University


Dr. FENG Naikang

Researcher in Global Tech Policy

Leading the China Digitopedia

PhD (Public Administration), HKU

Academic Committee


Prof. Dr. YU Xiaofeng


Expert in NTS Theory

Director, Center for NTS-PD, Zhejiang Uni.

​Professor, Zhejiang University

PhD (Philosophy), Jilin University

Prof. Dr. WEI Zhijiang


Expert in NTS Theory

Chief Editor, Anual Report on Chinese NTS

Professor, Sun Yat-Sen University

PhD (History), Nanjing University


Dr. FENG Changgen


Expert in Technology Security

Former VP, Chinese Assoc. for Sci & Tech

Member, Int. Eurasian Academy of Sciences

PhD (Physical Chemistry), Uni. of Leeds


Prof. Dr. YU Xiang


Expert in Intellectual Property

Member, Academia Europaea

Professor, Huazhong Uni. of S&T

PhD (Management), Huazhong Uni. of S&T 


Prof. Dr. XU Xiaolin

Prof. Dr. HUANG Jiangang


Expert in NTS Governance

Distinguished Prof., Huanan Agricultural Uni.

Former Dean, Huazhong Uni. of S&T

PhD (Management), Huazhong Uni. of S&T


Expert in Marine Security

Professor, Zhejiang Ocean Uni.

Researcher, Peking University

PhD (Poli Sci), Peking University


Dr. CHEN Bin


Expert in Economic Security

Founder & President, SPCIS

Secretary General, Chinese Forum of NTS

PhD (IR), Jinan University

Our Advisors

Ritu Agarwal_edited.png
Chen Xinmin_edited.jpg


Expert in Economic Security

Associate Prof., Jawaharlal Nehru Univeristy

PhD (Poli Sci), University of Delhi

Prof. Dr. CHEN Xinmin

Expert in Population Security

Professor, South China Normal University

PhD (Economics), Jinan University


CHENG Xizhong

Expert in Overseas Protection

Honorary Prof., NTS Research Institute, Southwest Uni. of Political Science & Law

Gao Jianbo_edited.png

Prof. Dr. GAO Jianbo

Expert in Information Security

Professor, Beijing Normal University

PhD (Electronic Info. Engineering), UCLA

Hu Jing_edited.jpg
Mohd.Aminul Karim.jpg

Prof. Dr. HU Jing

Expert in Food Security

Professor, South China Normal University

PhD (Economics), Renmin Uni. of China

Prof. Dr. Mohd Aminul KARIM

Expert in Asian Security

Professor, Independent Uni. of Bangladesh

PhD (Politics & Modernization), Uni. of Dhaka

Li Xiaofeng_edited.jpg

Prof. Dr. LI Xiaofeng

Expert in Economic Security

Prof., Guangdong Uni. of Foreign Studies

PhD (Management), KyungHee University

Liu Guozhu_edited.jpg

Prof. Dr. LIU Guozhu

Expert in NTS Theory

Professor, Zhejiang University

PhD (History), Nankai University

Li Jian.JPG
Yannis A_edited.png

Dr. LIN Jian

Expert in Cultural Security

Director, Social System Engineering Center

PhD (Philosophy), Renmin Uni. of China

Prof. Dr. Yannis PHILLIS

Expert in Industrial Security

Professor, Technical University of Crete

PhD (Dynamic System Control), UCLA


Dr. Filippos PRRODROU

Expert in Energy Security

Senior Lecturer, University of South Wales

PhD (IR), Democritus University of Thrace


Dr. Jeffery REEVES

Expert in Cultural Security

VP, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada


Syed Hussain Shaheed.jpg
Kate Tulenko.JPG

Prof. Dr. Syed Hussain Shaheed SOHERWORDI


Expert in Terrorism

Professor, University of Peshawar

PhD (Politics), University of Edinburgh

Expert in Public Health Security

Founder & CEO, Corvus Health

PhD (Medicine), Johns Hopkins University

Yu Naizhong_edited_edited.png

Prof. Dr. YAO Yu

Prof. Dr. YU Naizhong

Expert in Cyber Security

Professor, Northeastern University

PhD (Comupter Software), Northeastern Uni.

Expert in NTS Theory

Professor, Changsha Uni. of Sci. & Tech.

PhD (Philosophy), Renmin Uni. of China

Zhao Ying_edited.png
Zhou Shuwei_edited_edited.jpg

Prof. ZHAO Ying

ZHOU Shuwei

Expert in Industrial Security

Professor, Institute of Industrial Econ., Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Expert in Social Security

Distinguished Researcher, Counselling Office, Guangdong Provincial Government

Vlado Vivoda_edited.jpg

Dr. Vlado VIVODA

Expert in Energy Security

Research Fellow, University of  Queensland

PhD (IR), Flinders University


Prof. Dr. YU Tiejun

Expert in NTS Theory

Professor, Peking University

PhD (Poli Sci), Peking University

Johannes Urpelainen.JPG

Prof. Dr. Johannes URPELAINEN

Expert in Energy Security

Professor, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University

PhD (Poli Sci), University of Michigan


Dr. ZHANG Jinsheng

Expert in Trade Security

Fomer Director, Shenzhen WTO Center

PhD (Economics), Nankai University

Zhu Xinguang.jpg

Prof. Dr. ZHU Xinguang

Expert in Social Security

Professor, Shanghai Normal University

PhD (IR), Nanjing University

Our Researchers

Ai Shangle_edited.jpg
Chen Yongpin_edited.jpg

Dr. AI Shangle

RSR. in Financial Security

Post-doc, Jinan University

PhD (IR), Jinan University

Dr. CHEN Yongpin

RSR. in NTS Governance

PhD (Environmental Science), Chinese Academy of Sciences

Fan Shouzheng_edited.jpg
Hou Jianxiong_edited.jpg

Dr. FAN Shouzheng

RSR. in Terrorism

Associate Prof., People's Public Security Uni.

PhD (Poli Sci), Nanjing University

HOU Jianxiong

Spcial RSR. in Overseas Prot.

CEO, Guangdong Shineng Electric Equipment Group

Jin Jiyong_edited.jpg
Ilan KELMAN_edited.jpg

Prof. Dr. JIN Jiyong

Senior RSR. in Public Health

Professor, Shanghai Int. Studies Uni.

PhD (IR), Fudan University

Prof. Dr. Ilan KELMAN

Senior RSR. in NTS Risks

Prof., UCL Risk and Disaster Reduction INST

PhD (Philosophy), University of Cambridge

Chen Yumei.jpg

Dr. CHEN Yumei

Senior RSR. in Cyber Security

Director, Big Data and Innovation Center, JNU

PhD (Management), Macau Tech Uni.

Hou Ying_edited.jpg

Dr. HOU Ying

RSR. in Social Security

Researcher, Guangzhou Academy of SS

PhD (IR), University of Macau

Li Fangfang_edited_edited.jpg

Dr. LI Fangfang

SRS. in Public Health

GH Diplomatic Advisor, Red Cross Int.

PhD, Amsterdam Uni. & BCN INST for GH

Cheng Yonglin.JPG

Prof. Dr. CHENG Yonglin

Senior RSR. in Financial Security

Prof., Guangdong Institute for Int. Strategy

PhD (IR), Jinan University

Huang Yongdi_edited_edited.jpg

Dr. HUANG Yongdi

RSR. in NTS Risks

Director, Urban Governance, GUF

PhD (Economics), Jinan University

Li Jia.JPG

Dr. LI Jia

RSR. in Cultural Security

Associate Prof., Zhejiang University

PhD (Management), Zhejiang University

Liu Fengyuan_edited.jpg

Dr. LIAO Danzi

Senior RSR. in NTS Theory

Professor ZUFE, NTS Research INSTPhD (Management), Zhejiang Uni.

Prof. Dr. LIU Fengyuan

Senior RSR. in Financial Security

Professor, ECUPL

PhD (Finance), Shanghai Jiao Tong Uni.

Liu Jinshan_edited.jpg

Prof. Dr. LIU Jinshan

Senior RSR. in Economic Security

Professor, Jinan University

PhD (Economics), Renmin Uni. of China

Liu Tianyang_edited.png

Dr. LIU Tianyang

RSR. in NTS Governance

Associate Researcher, Wuhan University

PhD (Philosophy), University of Melbourne

Liu Jinling_edited.jpg

Dr. LIU Yuanling

Senior RSR. in Climate Security

RSR., Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

PhD (IR), Renmin Uni. of China

LU Jingling

RSR. in Asian Security

Vietnamese Language Information Officer, Guangxi University for Nationalities

Luis Schenoni_edited.png

Dr. QIN Shengyong

Senior RSR. in Public Health

Director, Int. Medical COOP Office, SYSU

PhD (IR), Jinan University


RSR. in LatAm Security

Assistant Professor, UCL

PhD (Poli Sci), University of Notre Dame

Wang Dunxing_edited_edited.jpg
Wang Xinhe_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Dr. WANG Dunxing

RSR. in Social Security

Policy RSR., Gov. of Huizhou, Guangdong

PhD (IR), Jinan University

Dr. WANG Xinhe

Senior RSR. in Arctic Security

Associate Prof. Qingdao Academy of SS

PhD (IR), Renmin University of China

Xie Guiping_edited_edited.jpg
Xu Tao_edited_edited.jpg

Prof. Dr. XIE Guiping

Senior RSR. in Border Security

Chief Expert, National SS Major Project

PhD (Management), Zhejiang University

Dr. XU Tao

Senior RSR. in Asian Security

Researcher, CICIR

PhD, Moscow State University

Zheng Xianwu_edited.jpg
Zhou Long.JPG

Prof. Dr. ZHENG Xianwu

Senior RSR. in Regional Security

Professor, Nanjing University

PhD (History), Nanjing University

Dr. ZHOU Long

RSR. in Population Security

Director, DEPT of Diplomacy, GDUFS

PhD (IR), Jinan University

Mai Fang_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

MAI Fang

Senior RSR. in Financial Security

Legislative Expert, Standing CMMTE of the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress

Bakirov Maksatbek_edited.jpg


RSR. in Asian Security

PhD (Managment), Zhejiang University


TANG Qu’an

RSR. in Overseas Protection

 Deputy CEO, Central City Security Group

Senior Expert, CISSP

Diana Toimbek_edited_edited.jpg


RSR. in Asian Security

Senior Expert, Kazakhstan Lab for IS

PhD (Management), Zhejiang University


Prof. Dr. WANG Zhuo

Senior RSR. in Social Security

Professor, Sichuan University

PhD (Laws), SUFE

Xie Fahao.jpg

Dr. XIE Fahao

RSR. in Social Security

Post-doc Fellow, Jinan University

PhD (IR), Jinan University

Zhang Yadi.JPG

Dr. ZHANG Yadi

RSR. in Migration Governance

Lecturer, Chongqing University

PhD (Management), Zhejiang University


ZHOU Muliang

Senior RSR. in Economic Security

Director, International Investment Promotion DEPT, Guangzhou Commercial Bureau



RSR. in Overseas Protection

Director, Guangzhou Xin liang Zhao cheng Law Firm

Zhong XIaojun_edited_edited.jpg

Dr. ZHONG Xiaojun

RSR. in Economic Security

Prof., Guangdong Polytechnic Normal Uni.

PhD (Economics), Jinan University

Zhou Zhanggui_edited.jpg
Zou Guanyang.JPG

Dr. ZHOU Zhanggui

Senior RSR. in Resource Security

Director, Int. Water Security INST, ZJU

PhD (Management), Zhejiang University

Prof. Dr. ZOU Guanyang

Senior RSR. in Public Health

Prof., Guangzhou Uni. of Chinese Medicine

PhD, Queen Magaret University

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