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Uzi Rabi

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

1. What is Taliban' real attitude towards China?

The Taliban Would you like to have a "give and take" partner and it thinks that China will find a way to be exactly that,an ad- hoc alliance that will serve both parties.

2. What is the main trouble and risk China may face in future because of the reprise of Afghanistan?

Religious extremism will certainly have bad ramifications on the region and beyond. As for china, I would say that extremism can create trouble when it comes to the Uyghur community and in other states in central Asia as well.

3. What does Taliban expect China do to help them to get rid of drug dependence in economy?at cost of cutting support to Uyger terrorist?

China needs to put preconditions, especially as we talk about the Uyghur community. Taliban need to run a state and they need China's support. China needs to invest in better infrustructures.

4. What is your professional opinion to solve these problems may faced by China?

It is a very difficult problem to tackle. In Afghanistan currently under the Taliban there are enclaves of extremism, either local or outsiders like ISIS. It will require an international effort, very well organized, to have a different Afghanistan in the long run. Currently, sadly, we do not see that effort.

Editor Assistant Research Fellow: Xianglin Gu

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