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Waseem Ishaque

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Here's an account of news in China Daily:"The bilateral trade volume between China and Afghanistan surged 44 percent year-on-year to 310 million dollars" Under this background, what role will china play in the interaction between two countries? The speaker of Taliban has represented his kind to China, can you analyze the response of Chinese Foreign affair administration?

In the evolving regional and global order, there is steady power transition, where the US global hegemony is facing serious challenges on account of Global Strategic Management. Rise of rest, where China is willing to shoulder global responsibilities with utmost sincerity, benevolence and collaborative approach has given a ray of hope in the turbulent world order. Chinese engagement with Afghanistan is not a new phenomenon. Ever since the US invasion in 2001/02, China has remained engaged in development activities in war ravaged county with the aim of generating economic stimulus for one of poorest nation in the world.

The Government of China has invested in infrastructure development, mines and health care sectors and the trajectory of bilateral trade is on steady rise with trade volume now witnessing around 50% increase when compared in last 10 years. Stability in Afghanistan is in the interest of the region. China has remained intimately involved on diplomatic front in engaging Taliban and Chinese special Representative for Afghanistan has done exhaustive shuttle diplomacy to help forming an inclusive government in Kabul. China has declared policy of not interfering in the internal affairs of any country including Afghanistan, therefore, is using its best offices for facilitating intra- Afghan dialogue with the help of partner counties for enduring stability and lasting peace. China is also in contact with the regional stake holders including Russia, Pakistan, Iran and Qatar to name a few for comprehensive regional framework aimed at helping to form stable government in Kabul, resettling of displaced people and generating economic activities. China is very careful in reaching out to Afghan factions and avoiding zero sum in its approach. China has hosted Taliban delegation and is also actively engaged with other partners in conveying Chinese sensitivities on the activities of ETIM and other such proscribed organizations. China is concerned that ensuing withdrawal of US forces, the instability may not lead to a civil war if the power sharing arrangements are not finalized at priority and such a security vacuum may be exploited by terrorist organizations like.

Editor Assistant Research Fellow: Xianglin Gu



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